The Basics of A Whizzinator

A whizzinator is one device you might need for a number of purposes in as much as the male urinary organ is in question. It is simply made to ensure that it simulates the male urinary organ for whatever purposes a person may decide to use it for. Being a commercial product, some people use it for pranks while others use it for sexual games among other possible uses. Otherwise, it is made to ensure that it operates and appears the same way as the human urinary organs. Looking at this you will note that it is being sold side by side with a kit for a number of reasons as seen below.

The whizzinator could also be referred to as a whizz kit since it comes as a pack with different parts designed to make it as realistic as possible. The first thing in the kit is a whizzinator device which is a male genital organ that is a natural looking prosthetic. There will also be a vinyl pouch which has attached to it a temperature strip for monitoring the temperature.

Dehydrated synthetic urine is also part of the kit as it will be contained in the vial. The synthetic urine is injected into the pouch using the included refill syringe. Other than the instruction manual which is also included to ensure that people can be educated on the step by step use of the whizzinator, you will also find two heating pads in the kit which are used to ensure that the liquid is kept at body temperature.

There are different models of a whizzinator and they all seem to change with time. The best and the most common model today is known as the real whizzinator XXX. It is made to operate by the power of touch. The flow of urine in this model is released when the head is squeezed. Unlike the previous model where the same release of the urine was done by a switch this new method is seen to be more natural. But still the real whizzinator xxx has a switch which is at the top of the device to ensure that there are no accidental spills. The whizzinator  is made in five different colors so that different people can simply get which one suits them best. Other than that, you could also find female whizzinator model types in the modern market.